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Wake Robin Farm Mona Lisa Cheese

Mona Lisa
  • Similar to Asiago, Provolone, Parmesan
  • Aged 12 to 18 months
  • Description: Versatile Italian flavor table cheese
  • Suggested Uses: Slice with fruit, grate on pasta or pizza, melt on foccacia
  • Serve with: Red Wine
Wake Robin Farm Bailiwick Cheddar Cheese

Bailiwick Cheddar

  • Similar to Medium Cheddar
  • Aged about a year
  • Description: Rich, creamy & buttery
  • Suggested Uses: Serve with apples, slice for toasted cheese, melt in macaroni & cheese
  • Serve with: Apple Cider
Wake Robin Farm Brutus Blue Cheese

Brutus Blue
  • Similar to Stilton in flavor, Cheddar in texture
  • Aged about 3 months
  • Description: Our mild cheddar with generous, hand-pierced blue veining
  • Suggested Uses: Melt on burgers, break up on salads, or slice with pears
  • Serve with: Stout Beer
Wake Robin Farm Jalapeno Jordan Jack Cheese

Jordan Jack
  • Similar to Monterey Jack
  • Aged about 1 month
  • Description: Fresh, tangy & semi-soft
  • Suggested Uses: Melt this kid friendly cheese on anything!
  • Serve with: Apple Juice or Ginger Ale
  • Note: Sometimes we add some heat by adding Jalapenos to our Jordan Jack, as pictured
Wake Robin Farm Fresh Cheese Curds

Fresh Cheese Curds
  • Made fresh every Thursday on our farm
  • Description: Squeaky!
  • Suggested Uses: Eat these delicious nuggets right from the bag, pack in lunches, or put them on top of French fries with gravy for Poutine
  • Serve with: Apple Cider or Pale Ale


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